CTC Opportunity Fund

Investing in the Wellness Revolution…

Investing in the Wellness Revolution…


The CTC Opportunity Fund is a primary care and wellness clinic roll up strategy.

The Fund will invest in existing clinics through an opportunity zone qualified medical management company in the high growth, I35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Services will also be established and relocated into opportunity zones to meet the needs of distressed census tracts where services are scarce or do not exist. This is a shovel-ready, qualified operating business.

The CTC Fund model exhibits both attractive financial returns and a meaningful, tangible impact on community access to primary care and related services. In addition to portfolio targets that strive to achieve market-oriented financial metrics, sustainable social criteria will also be pursued, including:

  • Increased community wellness

  • Diversity of the portfolio, both demographic and socioeconomic

  • Focus on local health indicators, such as physical (e.g., diabetes management, addiction, hospital readmits), access to care and treatment for workers compensation patients.

The CTC Opportunity Fund has existing clinic operations staged for immediate acquisition and management. Clinic management will deploy proven, systematic approaches to primary care wellness programs and the treatment of worker’s compensation injuries.

How can I learn more about the CTC Opportunity Fund?

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